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Pinarello Paris/fp6 Fully Equipped With Shimano Ultegra 11 Speed

$2 500,00

Taille 51cm

Localisation J4P 1J2 SAINT-LAMBERT

Tél : 5146795019

publiée le 2018-06-15 réf 1354

Pinarello showed off their new FP6 frameset. Its $3,600 price for the frame only makes it the natural replacement of the beloved Prince. The FP6 is made in the same carbon molds as the Paris Carbon, but with a less costly grade of carbon. It has the same essential ride quality of the Paris Carbon, but weighs slightly more since additional carbon is required in the lay-up to give it its structural rigidity.
This bike is my bac-up bike and was barely used it is equipped with a brand new never used full Shimano Ultegra 11 speed (6800) and a set of brand new Mavic wheel. The group set alone is worth 2000$.

This bike is rally light and Stiff! As with any Pinarello the diving experience is just amazing.

Original price of 7000$


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